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Post by Naisu Ikasu on Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:05 am

Name: Naisu Ikasu (like my username)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Home Planet: Alpha II

Naisu Ikasu is approximately 6 feet, 4 inches tall. He also weighs approximately 180 pounds. He has a medium build, but it’s usually unnecessary for him due to him usually using weapons. He has fairly white skin, black eyes, and black short hair. His hair generally is brushed to his right, but there are times when he wears spiky hair as well. He wears a blue robe (it has a hoodie in it), with a green short sleeved short underneath. He also wears blue pants underneath the robe, as well as brown boots, and white gloves. He also has a small area to hold throwing knives in, so they can be concealed from most eyes.

Bio: (Ok if I split this into arcs?)

Birth/Childhood Arc: Naisu Ikasu was born as a tiny little baby that weighed about 6 pounds. His mother was Suuki Ikasu and his father was Yoshi Ikasu. He was raised by his parents, filled with loved, and sometimes a little spoiled, he loved to play games with his parents when he was young. When he grew to be a teenager he made many friends on Jupiter, as they all loved to play games together. In Naisu’s alone time however, he loved to practice throwing knives, he found it to be fun. He later grew to aim really well, being able to 8 out of 10 times hit his EXACT target in the exact area of choice, but even when he didn’t , he usually hit somewhere near the place he wanted to.

Tragedy/ Adulthood arc: Naisu was a happy young teenager who got his education, had fun with his friends, you know normal teen stuff! He was very aware of political affairs, as tensions grew in the galaxy. But, when he was 18, he joined the military, most specifically the marines, against the wishes of his parents, and was stationed at Terra Nova, where the training was intense. He grew to become physically stronger, and he grew to have great combat skills. But a year later, he was moved to Sol system, on planet Mars. During his time there, a Tragedy happened, during a worker’s revolt on Alpha II, his mother and father were killed when the military blasted the planet from orbit. When Naisu heard the news, he was devastated! He then grew angry at the military, but he didn’t want it to show, for he did not want anyone to kick him out of the military just yet……
Fighting Skill: 8/10 (figured that’s fair)
Affiliation: Rebellion:
Specialty: (Only one for me. Like Combat Characters) Weapons Master

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Accepted, but uh, you know you cna use the

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