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Post by Nuchiha on Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:26 am

Name:Johnson Smith


Gender: Male

Home Planet: Earth

John's skin tone is Caucasian, he stands approximately 203 centimeters, and weighs about 67 Kilograms. He is considered by some bulky due to the weight/height ratio, but he does have muscle mass which adds to the weight. This weight is considered healthy for his height, age and build. John has Hazel eyes, which strangely some interpret as blue or green, he does understand this as Hazel is a mixture of blue and green. John has dark blonde hair, and thin eyebrows. His hair style is medium cut, partially wild to keep his hair low maintenance on the terms of brushing it.

John has cheekbones that are higher than normal but it isn't notice-able unless you true-ly look. John's casual attire varies, sometimes he wears a simple athletic pants/t-shirt combo, or jeans/t-shirt. However he has a wide selection for his attire, sometimes he needs to hide from certain people.



Johnson was born on Earth, within Europe. He grew up a mostly normal life, and wasn't different from anyone else yet.

-Teenage Years-

John began to be different from everyone else at this age. He began to become fascinated in space and read about smugglers and pirates. These were innocent interests, but soon they grew into something more. He wanted to purchase a ship desperately, but where would he ever find one? He could join the Earth Empire! Of course, a simple and effective way of obtaining the necessary funds!

He was too young unfortunately, so all he could do was stay in school and learn. John excelled at school, however he wasn't advanced or anything. As he reached 16, he was old enough to volunteer in the Earth Empire, now was his chance! As Nuchiha finished training, he quickly found the job dull and the wages not as good as he thought. To get more he needed to advance through the ranks.

Unfortunately, over the years he only rose two ranks, not much at all. He did a acquire enough funds to obtain his own ship however. Once it was bought, he was luckily over the legal age of 18. He was almost a official adult now. As he obtained his ship his life was about to change forever.


He was performing a rather normal delivery job, but one package was unmarked and was needed to be handled with extra care... What was it? As Johnson delivered the packages, he was payed the agreed reward, and more... Was it about the package? Nuchiha was merely directed back to the same man who explained his black market opportunities. Johnson accepted this offer, his life took a turn.

As Johnson delivered various illegal goods, he became proficient in piloting, disguises and eavesdropping. These skills helped him over time, piloting to evade officials, disguises to get past areas where he was wanted and eavesdropping to obtain information.


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Post by Caboose on Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:05 am

Ugh, on Hold for a while till I Everything on this site.

Also to join the Terran Alliance Army/Marines, you'll have to been 18. Not 16, and I didn't known being an Marine paid Millions, for being in there for two years. There payment scheme is like 40,000 cR a year. for an Private, since you some how got two Promotions, your maybe earning something like 47,500 a year. BTW that's something like what an Medium Ranged Officers get paid IRL.

There's nothing wrong with your App, it's this site, is in abit of Hiatus.

yeah, so on hold, till everything gets updated.

Oh And Also please change your name.

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