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Post by Vargo Canplo on Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:32 am

The Arcturus is a D-Type Civilian Freightor

This specific ship was modified.

--The Ship-- Arctur10

Original Specs:

Light Armor
2 Forward Mounted Rail Guns
1 Belly Mounted Retractable Rail Gun

Modified Specs:
Heavy Armor In Places
Light Deflector Shields
4 Forward Mounted Rail Guns
1 Belly Mounted Retracable Rail Gun
2 Forward Fireing Fusion Rocket Turrents

History: This D-Type Freightor is from over 35 years ago, its been upgraded since, it has a
Fusion Sublight Drive and a Quantom Fusion FTL Drive.

This particular ship is also equipped with an internal communications comm system that most ships this small dont have.

This ship was original bought by the Earth Empire 2280 as a Cargo ship Named D-Marts-1423 for the Mars Prison Facility, it was designed to carry Raw Minerals Mined by the prisoners to the Jupitar Construction Yards in orbit, it was mostly a short range vessel, with only a Fusion Drive and a Nuclear Drive to make the journies back and forth, but one day in 2301, a man who was imprisoned on the Mars Prison by the Earth Empire for charges of aggressive actions tword the Earth Empire, He Broke Free, he managed to get to the ship while the 2 man crew was unloading it, he managed to sneak onto the bridge and he sealed all of the Doors and took off, he managed to make a jump to FTL speeds and managed to make it to Jupitor, he then piloted the ship into the rings of the planet and landed on one of the astroids there, he then waited for 4 days before setting off to Alpha-Centari, his trip in the ship just managing to make FTL speeds took him 2 months, he landed on Alpha-Centari in search of a crew, he found what he was looking for, and they set on modifying the ship, when it came out it was the Arcturus, since then the ship has become the most well known Rebellion Ship to date, its a sign of hope and its crew is working to stop the Empire and restore balance to the galaxy.

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