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Post by Vargo Canplo on Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:19 am

This is a general Technology Overview to help you play the game.



I. Combustion Drive
The Combustion Drive is the oldest of technologies, but is still in use. With the Combustion Drive, exhaust is formed from propellants carried within the ship prior to use. In a closed chamber, the pressures are equal in each direction and no acceleration occurs. If an opening is provided at the bottom of the chamber then the pressure is no longer opposed on that side. The remaining pressure gives a resultant thrust in the side opposite the opening, which propels the ship forward by expelling the exhaust rearwards at extreme high speed.

II. Impulse Drive
The impulse drive is essentially an augmented fusion rocket, usually consisting of a fusion reactor,an accelerator-generator, a driver coil assembly and a vectored thrust nozzle to direct the plasma exhaust. The fusion reaction generates a highly energized plasma. This plasma, ("electro-plasma") can be employed for propulsion, or can be diverted through the EPS to the power transfer grid, via EPS conduits, so as to supply other systems. The accelerated plasma is passed through the driver coils, thereby generating a subspace field which improves the propulsive effect.

III. Warp Nodes
With the advancement of Warp Technology, the Warp Node was created. Warp is an alternate region of space co-existing with our own universe which may be entered using an energy field or other device. The Warp Node utilizes this alternate region by distorting the space-time continuum, which results in speeds that exceed the speed of light (otherwise known as FTL travel). During FTL travel, time and space is warped to the point that results in a trip that would normally take 1000s years to be completed, to be accomplished in about an hour.


I. Laser Close in Weapons Support (CIWS)
The CIWS, is an Crucial defence weapon on any Alliance ship, using Pin point laser, and highly advanced Computer's the CIWS, used for The destruction of ASM missiles, and Fighters stupid enough to get in there range, an single CIWS has an almost 90% success rate, of destroying an Missile, the fact that Alliance frigates carry over Ten of them, is an death wish for any Pilot, or Missile.

II. Tri-Fusion Warhead Torpedoes
Tri-Fusion Warheads torpedoes were a weapons load carried aboard Alliance ships during the 26th century. Prior to the development of the Quad-Fusion Warhead Torpedoes, these torpedoes were the most powerful weapon in a standard ship's armament. With an Yield of 200 Megatons, they were usally mass fired in groups of seven. Almost guaranteeing an Mission kill.

III. Quad-Fusion Warhead Torpedo
The Quad-Fusion Warhead torpedo is equipped with a variable yield antimatter warhead. It has over fifty times greater range than the Tri-Fusion Warhead torpedo. These Torpedoes are considered the most devastating weapon in the Alliance Armoury, with the Ability to Depopulate an planet with only Four Missiles


I. Titanium-A
Titanium-A armor is the most common form of battle plating used by the Allaince on its warships. It is composed of high-grade Titanium-50 that is specially strengthened at the molecular level, which implies alloying with other elements. It is usually greyish in color.

its primary use is armor for ships. Alliance frigates have sixty centimeters of plating on their hull, and destroyers have up to two meters of plating. supercarriers like the Trafalgar had 10 meters. Marines sometimes wear thin Titanium-A armor suits

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Post by Caboose on Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:14 am

Vargo Canplo wrote:This is a general Technology Overview to help you play the game.

This overviews the General Propulsion Technologies.

Chemical Drive
Description: Widely Unused, this drive is old, it uses chemical reactions to create thrust to drive the ship forward, this form of sub-light travel is not used anymore.

Fusion Drive
Description: Uses a Fusion Reaction to generate Thrust, this is the most common sub-light engine type there is.

Nuclear Reaction
Description: Mainly Not used, it would use up its entire fuel supply on one slip jump, its a very old technology, it uses a nuclear reaction to propel the ship faster than light into FTL speeds.

Quantum Fusion
Description: Uses a Quantum Fusion Reaction to generate massive amounts of energy to create a slingshot affect on the ship, this is the most widely used FTL drive.

Advanced Quantom Fusion
Description: Used mainly by the Earth Empire, this was a captured technology, it creates massive amounts of energy to propell the ship at both FTL and Sub Light Speeds, this is far more efficiant than any other propulsion known to man.

FTL Nodes
Description: These use small Fusion Generators that propell the ship faster if you pass by one, there are hundreds of these on major trade routs, they are heavally armored and have a weak shield grid, no offensive weapons though.

Defensive Systems:

Alloy Armor
Description: The most widely used source of defense, it is a thick Alloy Armor plating that can defend against most attacks.

Deflection Shields
Description: An older Type of Shield Grid, these shields were discarded for their design was tied into all of the main systems.
These shields are found on most older Imperial Ships and Fighters as well as most civilian ships. These shields could only withstand a few hits, and after that, they failed, when they failed they usually took a few sub-systems with them.

Point Defense Shields
Description: An Extremely Strong Shield Grid that it takes a very strong attack to bring down. These are found only on a few Imperial Ships. These Shields run off the main Fusion Core or Quantom Fusion Core (given the ship has one) and it generates energy particles that are controlled by multiple projectors on the hull, when the sensors sense a weapon inbound, the projectors move the energy particles into a force field of sorts, and it puts all of the energy particles into a defensive shield at at the spot were the weapon will impact, however, the more weapons that are aimed at the ship, the more the shields are spread out along the ship, if spread out thin enough weapons can drain their power as the Fusion core can not generate enough Energy to protect the entire ship all at the same time, the larger the ship, the more power is needed to protect it, meaning if you want to survive and you have limited power, hold your breath, because life support will go down for a while, this is mainly used on the Flagship of the Earth Empire and multiple Fleet Commander Ships, Civilians cant aquire this unless they salvage it.

Quantom Fusion Shields
Description: Harnessing the Toxic Exsaust of the Quantom Fusion Drive, these shield grids project and impenetrable shield grid so long as your Quantom Fusion Reactor is online and its spitting out exsaust, this shield grid will be online, however if the shields go down and you dont have an Exauste Recycler, the toxic exsaust could vent into the ship and kill its crew, mainly unused, its only on 2 exsperimental ships used by the Earth Empire and their Flagship.

Point Defense Laser
Description: A weak laser that fires at incoming Missiles to detonate them away from the hull, in concert with Point Defense Shields these Lasers are extremely useful.

Offensive Weapons

Flak Gun
Description: Fires a charge that explodes leaving a cloud of colored dust in space, its widely used as a flair or for marking targets.

Rail Gun
Description: Fires small objects (almost anything) at FTL speeds making whatever you fire extremely deadly and damaging.

Nuclear Missile
Description: Widely Unused by the "Big Boys" because it does little damage in space, its main use today is a backup in case a ship runs out of Fusion Missiles. Its main use is in Civilian Ships.

Fusion Missile
Description: A Fusion Missile creates a Fusion Explosion on impact with a target, its extremely damaging, this is the most common missile in space among the "big boys" of the galaxy.

Plasma Turrent
Desctiption: Found on most any types of ships, these usually are weak turrents that fire a small plasma energy ball at a ship, they do little damage but, on Earth Empire ships these turrents are powerful and grouped together, when all of them are fireing at once, you better get out of range, or your ship will be hit with a flaming blue hail storm.

Quantum Missile
Description: Used only on Imperial Ships, it generates a Quantum Fusion Explosion witch is far more damaging than a Fusion Missile, however because they are expensive to manufacture only Imperial Ships use them.

Cutting Laser
Description: Used by most Imperial Ships and Advanced Alien Cultures, the Cutting laser is used to cut precise holes in things, or in combat when fired it can do severe damage to other ships provided the gunner has a good aim, this particular laser is available to most people.

Phase Laser
Description: A Highly Focused Energy Beam, it uses a lot of power and generates the explosive equivalent of 20 Fusion Explosions, its only on the Flagship of the Imperial Fleet and they almost never use it because the ship looses all main power for 12 hours after firing, its mainly a last resort.

Quantom Fusion Laser
Description: An Exsperimental Laser used by the Earth Empire, equipped on only one ship, their flag ship, it fires and incredibly strong birst of fire, this is an advanced version of the Phase Laser but uses less power and causes a signifigent less amount of damage, but is more affective because it can fire multiple times before depleating its power.


Hand Weapons
Description: Hand Weapons Vary from Low Powered Lasers (Used by the Earth Empire) to projectile weapons (used by most people) The Laser weapons are generally used for precision shots or stunning because of their low power due to size, the more power one shot uses, the more damage it does, but lowers the capacity of the weapon.

Quantom Fusion Recycler
Description: Equipped on ALL ships as a standard if they have a Quantom Fusion Drive, it rycycles the toxic exaust and turns it into power thats dumped into emergency batteries or used for secondary power.

Personal Shields
Description: These come in almost all forms, and because they are designed to have their own power source they are incredibally strong, a full body shield lacks the power to withstand multiple shots, but the most generally used device is a device similar to the ones the gungans use in starwars episode one, its incredibally powerful and doesent fail unless it runs out of power, and its power source is a small fusion core that can last up to 24 hours of constant use, its mainly used by the Earth Empire but the rebels have "Aquired" some over the years.

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