The Galaxy

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The Galaxy

Post by Vargo Canplo on Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:06 am

There are 3 Systems populated by the Terran Alliance, they are Sol, Terra Nova, and Alpha Centari, these systems are connected through FTL Nodes, these beacons, hundreds of Thousands of them are placed between the systems to ensure that you can get from system to system in just a few hours.

The Following Systems are in the game.

Sol System (The Capital of the Human Race)
-Sol (Sun)
-Murcury - Un-inhabitable
-Venus - Mined of all it's Resources
-Earth - Capital of the Terran Alliance, populated by 21 Billion Humans, occupied by 700 Million Alliance Soldiers
--Moon - Primary Research Centre of the Alliance, Populated by 20 Million Humans, Occupied by 500,000 Alliance Soldiers
-Mars - Primary Ship Yard of the Alliance, Populated by 20 Billion Humans, occupied by 400 Million Alliance Soldiers
-Astroid Belt - Unknown
-Jupiter - Orbital Prison Complex, Populated by 200 Million inmates, occupied by 300 Million Alliance Soldiers
-Saturn - Orbital Housing Ring, Polulated by 17 Billion human, No Military Presence - Anarchy
--Titan - Terraformed, Privetly owned, used for Splicing. populated by 20,000 Humans, Guarded by 200,000 Privet Military Personnel.
-Neptune - Orbital Retreat.
-Pluto (Dwarf Planet) Uninhabited, Un-Terraformed.

Naval Presence: 3 Super Carriers, 6 Carriers, 14 Cruisers, 56 Destroyers, 224 Frigates, Several Thousand Corvettes & Fighter Craft.

Alpha Centari (The Prime Mineral System of the Human Race)
-Proxima Centari (Sun)
-Alpha Centari I - Mined
-Alpha Centari II - Mined
-Alpha Centari III - Only Habitable planet in system, Populated by Three Billion humans, and occupied by 100 Million Alliance Soldiers.
-Alpha Centari IV - Mined
-Alpha Centari V - Mined
-Alpha Centari VII - Mine, Populated by 2 Million Human Worker, occupied by 500,000 Alliance Soldiers
-Alpha Centari VIII - Mine, Populated by 5 Million Human Workers, occupied by 750,000 Alliance Soldiers.

Naval Presence: 3 Carriers, 4 Cruisers, 26 Destroyers, 64 Frigates, Several Thousand Corvettes & Fighter Craft.

Terra Nova (The Military High Command)
-Terra (Sun)
-Terra Nova - Habitable, Alliance Military Command & Control, Populated by 3 Billion Alliance Military Personnel, occupied by 2 Billion Alliance Soldiers.
--Terra Nova I - Army High-Com, Populated by 1.45 Billion Alliance Personnel, occupied by 2 Billion Alliance Soldiers
--Terra Nova II - Naval High-Com, Populated by 3 Billion Alliance Personnel, occupied by 1 Billion Marines
--Terra Nova III - Special Operations High-Com, Unknown.

Naval Presence: 12 Super Carriers, 24 Carriers, 96 Cruisers, 192 Destroyers, 896 Frigates, Several Thousand Corvettes & Fighter Craft.

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