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Post by Vargo Canplo on Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:22 am

(The world history is slightly different here, but not to many changes)

Country History

Part of the British Colonies, Arcturus, named after the brightest star northern hemisphere, due to the Island Chains beauty. The Islands were quickly colonized by the British & The Spanish, both powers lay claims to The Island chain, while neither control all, many a war has been thought over the Arcturus Islands.

Eventually Arcturus was fully Colonized by the British, and soon Established as an official Colony of the Empire. Less than Century later, the Colony was granted Dominion Status, and English law was no longer dictated across the islands, The Self Governing Islands prospered, making an name for self, with an good Shipbuilding Network.

A Great Fire Swept across The Arcturus Main island before the shipyard s became major,s and effectively sabotaged the ship building Industry on the Islands. Blame was placed on the Spanish, but no action was taken, other than increase in British War ships attacking Spanish merchant shipping.

A Few years later, The Dominion of Arcturus, commissioned it's First Frigate, the HMS Victurus, the ship had a good career, and was broken up in the same shipyard that built her, 12 year later.

The Arcturus Islands Shipyards commissioned over 60 warships, before they were neglected in the turn of Iron Clads. It wasn't until the First World War, the Shipyards got a major boost, since there neglect for over a few centuries, it was left up to the companies who owned the shipyard to upgrade. None were upgraded and the companies simply left.

In this time, the Arcturus Island Shipyards had become more of an private shipyard for Steam boat, not warships. With the advent of the First World War, the Arcturus Island Shipyards, were massively upgraded by the Empire, to build Modern ships. The Arcturus Islands were an extremely strategic asset, in the Naval battles of WWI, and the Islands were fought for, almost seven times, the British won every time.

By WWII, the Island had been heavily fortified, with over 40 Battle ship Canon placed on the Island, and Hundreds of standard caliber cannons. The Islands also had a plentiful count of Air strips, earning the name 'The Unmovable Carrier' By the end of the War.

With the Fall of the British Empire, The Arcturus Islands became an Independent sovereign State, know as the Republic of Arcturus Islands, with almost 12 millions habitants, The Island enjoyed it's freedom. They also joined the Commonwealth of Nation, which was the 'successor' to the Empire.

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